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Your WealthPlan comes alive through our proprietary, Smart Money™ method.


First, We Talk

It starts with a conversation. We meet with you and start by asking the right questions. Our in-depth discovery tools will help us identify attitudes and motivations that may help or hinder your ability to stay the course. Using our proprietary process, Smart Money™ method, we can make sure your goals are realistic and aligned with your values.  

Your plan is built around your values, from socially responsible investing to tackling student loan debt. By taking the time to discover what matters most to you, we have found that we can offer better advice to help you navigate not only life's ups and downs, but the markets as well.


We Partner on Realistic Goals

We know you are concerned with more than having your advisor pick suitable investments. Working together, we will explore cost-efficient strategies to create your WealthPlan.

To maximize your net worth, we remain open to new and innovative market solutions. We have access to world-class money managers that retail customers do not have because we are independent.

As fiduciaries, we put your interests ahead of our own. Your financial plan  guides the solutions we provide to you using our proprietary Smart Money™ method.


Stay Focused on Your WealthPlan

We take a proactive approach to your money. While we don't try to time markets, we also don't "set it and forget it." You'll have an annual plan review to ensure your plan is on track with whatever life has thrown your way.

We also offer coaching sessions to help guide your decision-making. After all, you can have all the skills and talent, but your decision-making has the most significant impact on your success in life and investing.

Using our Smart Money™ method, we take the time to make sure your plan is in alignment with your values. 

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